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Hop to it, It's Easter Time

This Easter, don't sit around munching on chocolate bunnies, stay on track and keep your family fit too.


Create your own Easter baskets:

Instead of filling the kids baskets with chocolates and marshmallow peeps, get them some fun stuff that they can use. Sidewalk chalk, jump ropes, and bubbles are all great substitutes for edible sugar-filled junk.

Make bunny shaped protein pancakes for the family:

12 Egg whites 1c - rolled oats

1 small apple - diced fine

1 tsp - cinnamon

1 c - water

1/2 scoop - vanilla or cinnamon flavored protein powder

1/8 tsp - baking soda

Blend and make. Accent with Blueberry eyes and even banana slice ears, and your healthy, hearty, and hoppity-hop breakfast is served! It's fun to add a colorful hard boiled egg on the side as well. You can still enjoy a bite of decadent chocolate , but be sure you are doing that together and enjoying each other.

Have a healthy and fitness inspired Easter Egg Hunt:

Instead of filling all the plastic eggs with speckled eggs and Skittles, fill them with coins, rubber balls, hair accessories, temporary tattoos or stickers. When sending the kids (or adults) out to find the eggs, let them know the only way they can move from place to place while hunting is to HOP, SKIP or JUMP. This should make for a fun and active time and probably some great pictures too.Stroll somewhere scenic, hold hands and make an agreement that you won’t talk about work or the kids. Just enjoy the fresh air and one another.


No matter how you choose to spend this Holiday weekend. Be sure to just enjoy being with your family. Cherish every moment that you have. Spend time talking to each other and asking questions. These are the moments that will truly last.

Memories will be there long after the Cadbury Eggs are gone :)


I'd love to hear from you and how you choose to celebrate this holiday.

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