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Think OUTSIDE the Box of Chocolates

This Valentine’s Day, love your sweetie and not the sweets. We don’t need chocolate and a decadent meal to celebrate our special someone. Here are a few ways to embrace the “Day of Love” and still love yourself in the morning…

Get nostalgic with a movie. Rent the first movie you watched together as a couple. Snuggle on the couch and play footsies.

Get a couple’s massage. You may not be able to schedule the massage on Valentine’s Day, but give it to your honey as a gift for you both to enjoy later.

Go ice skating. If it’s available in your area, try this romantic activity. If it takes a half hour to drive there, even better— that’s just more time you can spend together one-on-one.

You can still enjoy a bite of decadent chocolate , but be sure you are doing that together and enjoying each other.

Enjoy a sunset walk. Stroll somewhere scenic, hold hands and make an agreement that you won’t talk about work or the kids. Just enjoy the fresh air and one another.

Take a bubble bath together. Light some candles, play soft music and just relax.

Fireside chat. If you have a fireplace, Valentine’s Day is a perfect day to use it. Turn off the lights and the television and reminisce about why and how you fell in love with each other.

Look through my recipes and choose something yummy to cook together. Sharing the kitchen while preparing a meal will bring together the whole evening.

Write a love letter. Write out all those thoughts and feelings about your sweetie that get lost in the daily grind. It’ll mean so much to your love to read your heart-felt words.

Writing your own words is always more meaningful than a store bought card

Add ambiance to a healthy meal. Cook a healthy meal like salmon, roasted veggies, a crisp salad and a Greek yogurt parfait. Then, add romantic ambiance by lighting candles, adorning the table with flowers and playing soft music. During dinner, make a point to talk only about each other, your goals together and your dreams. No work or kid talk allowed.

Feeling Inspired?

I would love to hear ways that you and your loved one celebrate with each other. Message me with your ideas.

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