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What Healthy People Do That UN-healthy People Wont

I bet you didn't realize that YOUR health takes a lot of work on YOUR part. You mean there's NO "magic pill"?

I've written down a few tips to help you get your mind right and just do this once and for all. If you are struggling please reach out to me so I can work WITH you to work through it all.

Remember why you want to change!

Take a look at these tips and see how many YOU have started in already in your life or what you NEED to begin NOW!

GROWTH Mindset

Stop stating that you have BAD genetics and it's your familial downfall

START stating that you may have that in your genetic make-up and you are super busy in life, but that you've seen others gain health back and so can you.

Write down your WHY

Why are you wanting to change? Is your reason more important than the 5 minutes of flavor of eating bad? Or the stagnant lifestyle you've slowly created?

What is YOUR why?

It's NOT a diet!

It's adjusting your nutrition. You are learning to eat differently from you current normal so that you can learn to eat for your health and lifelong sustainability. The member recipes can help you realize what BIG results can come from small changes.

By doing this you can still have a cookie now and then. You have to create the change in your mind that now it is just ONE and not the whole container.

Enjoy a sunset walk. Stroll somewhere scenic, hold hands and make an agreement that you won’t talk about work or the kids. Just enjoy the fresh air and one another.

Take a bubble bath together. Light some candles, play soft music and just relax.

Fireside chat. If you have a fireplace, Valentine’s Day is a perfect day to use it. Turn off the lights and the television and reminisce about why and how you fell in love with each other.


You need to adjust now to minimal sugar, balanced fats and carbs as well as learning portion control. It's NOT a diet!!!!!


CREATE a plan

You need to envision what you want, then you make the plan to get there.

So you want to lose 25 pounds. OK, how are you going to get there. (I will eat only the portion of food that is a serving size, I will move my body 30 minutes a day, etc.) MAKE YOUR PLAN!

Once you start achieving those things, then you add in more and more until you reach that FIRST goal. Then it's time for a new vision. What's the NEXT step?

Write your plan down. Read it daily


Health doesn’t happen in days, or with a few decisions. It takes months and consistent effort.

It’s more than just “missing a workout.” It’s killing your momentum, and momentum is crucial to long term healthiness. Just like in business you can't throw in the towel when one thing doesn't happen as you planned. With your health you cant STOP just because you missed a workout or ate a bad meal.

In your plan how will you maintain momentum even when there is a bump in the road?

KNOW your weakness

Do you eat more when stress, angry, tired or watching TV? It happens to us all. BUT those that have already reached their goals and living fit and healthy have set in place many "distractions" that help get over that small hump and they know food is NOT an emotion.

  • Get an accountability partner: Someone to check in with daily, many of you may have your spouse on board with you, but let's make sure he/she is keeping you accountable and NOT being a slippery banana peel.

  • Avoid certain people, restaurants or even aisles at the grocery store. Anything that tempts you until you've safely been implementing your plan with minimal hiccups.

  • Purge the pantry. If it's not in the house you cant put it in your mouth. Same goes with your cart at the grocery. Don't grab it and say "I'll save this for when I have lost "X" amount. Nope, you'll be sneaking into the kitchen late at night for just ONE bite. Then 10 bites. hahaha...

Have more ways to achieve your NEW normal? I'd love to hear about them.

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1 Comment

Thanks Gen!! Great advice, one that I find works is not giving yourself permission to cheat. Once I say it's ok to have just a nibble I always find I'm going back for a second, third, fourth and then I'm done. It makes staying on track with the next meal that much harder. So I try to drink my water and stay out of the kitchen during my weak moments, evenings after 8PM!!!

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